"No cause to fret! There is now a real, personalized, full service guitar shop that exists on The Central Coast...Butch's Guitar & Repair. Once inside this friendly, well stocked, and unique musical establishment, one would ever wonder why they would drive for two hours only to be abused at one of the corporate giant guitar centers.  This is a real guitar shop... like the ones we remember going to as kids. If your life needs a tune up, head to Butch's and get some good vibrations happenin' in your life!

Kenny Lee Lewis  - Steve Miller Band

"Butch's Guitar & Repair is the jewel of the central coast. For starters, Butch can repair anything with strings, no matter what state it's in.  But his handmade acoustic guitars will really take your breath away. Building on the great tradition of acoustic guitars, Butch really takes his instruments to the next level in every way. They have to be played to be believed. I'm the proud owner of two of these, plus a custom electric. Also, he's pleasure to work with, very accommodating and patient. Oh and he's a good guy too!"

Danny Pelfrey  - Composer, Producer, Musician

“Butch Boswell, wow, where do I start? I first met Butch about a year ago when I needed some major fretwork and intonation on my custom built-to-order Taylor acoustic guitar. The fretwork and intonation is absolutely the best I have ever encountered, and I have been playing guitar professionally for 50 years now. Since then, he has intonated my Tom Anderson guitars as well as tweaking the action and truss rod adjustments.  This guy is the best. He has also built me an electric Boswell Tele style guitar, which has now become my favorite electric. I must again mention the immaculate fret work and the great attention to detail. It plays like butter. He never misses a thing. I trust him completely with all of my guitars, and I am one picky guitar player (no pun intended). His Boswell hand made acoustics are second to none. To top it off, he is a true gentlemen with great integrity. When it comes to guitars, they don't get any better than Mr. Boswell.”

Danny Weis - Co founder of the Iron Butterfly.  Guitarist, musical director, recording artist with Bette Midler, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, the Rascals, the Everly Brothers and more.